M'esco, 2016

M'esco, 2016

HighBrow is the photography Blog of Marcus Escribano. Marcus is an Afro-Latin American photographer based in the USA. Born in 1994 in a small town called Danbury in Connecticut, USA. Photography found Marcus at the age of 21, after teaching himself, he decided to and is currently studying fine art with a focus in photography at Western Connecticut State University, and has also studied in Italy for The Rome Art Program. Marcus has had his work exhibited in the USA, Italy, Greece, and Hungary. Some of his awards include The Allard Prize winner and Monochrome Award. His work explores the relationship between contemporary & fine art photography. Marcus has earned a place among Connecticut's respected young photographers.

-Art Reveal Magazine issue #25 (2017)  https://issuu.com/artrevealmagazine/docs/no_25/22)

-CreativPaper Magazine issue #3 (2017) http://www.creativpaper.com/magazine

 -"The Image of The Savage" Exhibition  (2017) https://www.loosenart.com/pages/event

-Allard Prize Photography competition winner (2017) http://www.allardprize.org/may-2017

-"Portraits in B&W" Exhibition (2017) http://www.blankwallgallery.com/exhibitions-portraits-bw/

-"Black & White" Exhibition (2017) http://www.blankwallgallery.com/exhibitions-black-white-2017/

-Monochrome Awards 2017 Competition- Honorable Mention https://monoawards.com/winners-gallery/monochrome-awards-2017/amateur/conceptual/hm/6655

-"Conceptual" book publication (2018) https://www.loosenart.com/blogs/books/conceptual

-"Just in Time" Exhibition (2018) http://www.ph21gallery.com/just-in-time

-"Best of College & High School Photography 2018" Photographers Forum http://pfmagazine.com/wp-content/plugins/p-gallery/index.php?level=picture&id=1001998

-"The Mask" Exhibition (2018) https://www.loosenart.com/pages/event

-Light Magazine issue 06 | Muse (2018) https://www.light-journal.com/store

-"Portraits" Exhibition (2018) http://www.blankwallgallery.com/exhibitions-portraits-2018/

-Artwork Cover of the "Social Sciences Journal 2017" Western Connecticut State University 

-International Art Festival (2018) Autumn in New York http://newartfestival.com/home

-Chromatic Awards: International Color Photography Contest- Honorable Mention (2018)